One of the reasons I started this blog because I really love cooking and wanted to share ideas for generally healthy, quick and delicious food with family and friends - with a special focus on things that are good weekday meals.  I unexpectedly found myself also sharing the recipes I've tried with other foodies I've met on various cooking boards and sites.

Another reason for the creation of the blog is that my New Year's Resolution for 2012 was to try one new recipe a week. I thought having a blog might create the accountability required to stick with it (I averaged more than one recipe a week that year so I kept the spirit of my resolution at least).  So far it was the best resolution I've ever made and it's helped me get way more variety into my cooking routine.

Thanks for reading my blog; I really hope you enjoy it!!   You can also follow me on Twitter @PreparedDelish and on Pinterest prepareddelish.  Or like my facebook page here (please note that facebook and pinterest are still under construction).


  1. Good for you and what a great idea! It is much more difficult to not stray from your resolution when you're doing it publicly! ;) CC