Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Margherita's Pizza and Cafe: A Review

Greetings my beloved readers!   Happy Tasty Tuesday!   I've finally gotten over my awful cold and am ready to get my post on.

Recently, a lot of my friends have been suggesting that I add more Resto reviews to my site since I know a lot of good places.    In accordance with that advice,   I have a Resto review for you.

the Hubbs and I ate at Margherita's in Hoboken, NJ.   This Resto is one of our faves so I figured I'd share it with you...penne vodka, calzones, and desserts to die for...pizza is also really popular there.   One of my friends once said he felt like a king when he ate there ( the prices are reasonable though)
The menu 

The bruschetta 

The wine.,,,forgot to mention this place is BYOB. 

Forgot to photograph the bread and salad...

Also forgot to photograph the chicken parm...did photograph what was left of it...

Hello creme brûlée cheesecake 

This cappuccino went perfectly with our cheesecake 

This was a great meal.   The food was tasty, service was excellent, and the company was great too. =).  Note that it can get loud on weekends and they are !closed on Mondays.   They also deliver.   Bon appetiit!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garlic Onion Dip

Happy Tasty Tuesday friends!!    Hppe you are all enjoying your summer =)  So far it seems like every weekend has something or several something but I'm loving it!   It's a great time to see family and friends.

Because there are so many social outings, I really needed a go to dish to bring to parties and BBQs. 

Then I found  this recipe on Prevention RD.   The onion and garlic just gives it a fresh, flavorful taste (as opposed to the dip from the can).  Caveat: if you go six cloves it is pretty garlicky so you might want to test it in case you want to add more yogurt or mayonnaise to make the flavor milder.  I would go that root because if you didn't add  enough garlic initially it's harder to add flavor.

I didn't really change much at all with this recipe which is why I didn't write out the method.  I did change a couple of things out of necessity; my dip is pictured with freeze-dried chives since my grocery store was out of fresh chives and I couldn't find the white peppercorn either so I just used a dash of black pepper instead.

My Hubbs and I really enjoyed this dip.  For those of you are who may be or may become nervous about using Greek yogurt, it really is a great replacement for sour cream. 

Wishing you a wonderful day...