Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Illuzion: A Review

Hello my lovely readers!   Today I have a review of my favorite sushi place in Hoboken - Illuzion.   It is a great place for dinner ... Love the specialty rolls (including Schwa of Chicago) and also it's BYOB.   However,I most often order the lunch special, which Illuzion delivers even all the way to Jersey City.   At $10 per 2 rolls with  soup and salad it is a value.  I usually save the salad as part of my dinner.  I like sushi because the rolls are a healthier option when I want to treat myself.  They have a variety of rolls available for the lunch special. 

 The rolls are fresh and tasty and they do not charge for brown rice...depicted below...though I  prefer the taste of the white.    I had the spicy salmon and yellow tail jalapeño.   The dressing for the salad is so good I've seen a friend literally drink what's left after the salad is gone. Definitely check it out if you are looking for a good sushi place in Hoboken.

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