Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Empire Coffee & Tea Co, Inc.: A Review

Coffee for French press and Black Masala Chai Chocolate
French Press and a favorite mug

I had been to Empire Coffee & Tea Co. before for a fancy coffee drink (which was good) but only recently started buying their coarse ground coffee for the French press, which they roast and ground themselves.   I've been drinking it at the office instead of the Flavia (and also sometimes on the weekend).   So far I've tried the Hangiver Blend and Pumpkin Spice, both of which I like.    They also have good teas, cute mugs, biscottis, and premium chocolate, including the yummy black masala chai chocolate pictured above.  There is seating available as well.   I would definitely recommend this place especially for buying coffee whether you want the whole bean or want them to grind it for you.   

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