Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Favorites

Helllllllllo readers!  Happy Autumn!   I don't know about you but every year I initially resist embracing the fall...I just enjoy summer so much.  But time and time again, I fall in love with fall...the changing leaves, the cooler (but still warm weather), the fashion (boots!), the flavors (pumpkin, butternut squash)'s a wonderful time of year.  Plus, I always tend to feel like fall feels shorter because once it's December everyone is sort of in winter mode.

Anyway, I wanted to share to do a little round up of recipes that are perfect for fall:


Chocolate Pecan Pie

Buffalo Flavor

(I know - the quinoa looks a little weird...but it tastes great).


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Empire Coffee & Tea Co, Inc.: A Review

Coffee for French press and Black Masala Chai Chocolate
French Press and a favorite mug

I had been to Empire Coffee & Tea Co. before for a fancy coffee drink (which was good) but only recently started buying their coarse ground coffee for the French press, which they roast and ground themselves.   I've been drinking it at the office instead of the Flavia (and also sometimes on the weekend).   So far I've tried the Hangiver Blend and Pumpkin Spice, both of which I like.    They also have good teas, cute mugs, biscottis, and premium chocolate, including the yummy black masala chai chocolate pictured above.  There is seating available as well.   I would definitely recommend this place especially for buying coffee whether you want the whole bean or want them to grind it for you.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Illuzion: A Review

Hello my lovely readers!   Today I have a review of my favorite sushi place in Hoboken - Illuzion.   It is a great place for dinner ... Love the specialty rolls (including Schwa of Chicago) and also it's BYOB.   However,I most often order the lunch special, which Illuzion delivers even all the way to Jersey City.   At $10 per 2 rolls with  soup and salad it is a value.  I usually save the salad as part of my dinner.  I like sushi because the rolls are a healthier option when I want to treat myself.  They have a variety of rolls available for the lunch special. 

 The rolls are fresh and tasty and they do not charge for brown rice...depicted below...though I  prefer the taste of the white.    I had the spicy salmon and yellow tail jalapeƱo.   The dressing for the salad is so good I've seen a friend literally drink what's left after the salad is gone. Definitely check it out if you are looking for a good sushi place in Hoboken.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guest Post: Almost Turtle Cookies by Seduction in the Kitchen

Greetings Readers!   Today I have a special treat for you...a guest post....and it's cookies....yum!   Please welcome Dee from Seduction in the Kitchen.   Her blog is all about the love affair that people tend to have with food and has some great recipes to try.   A special thanks to Dee for posting.   So without further ado....

Almost Turtle Cookies
Hi, this is Dee from Seduction in the Kitchen. I love to do all things with food and drink, I love to try new things, including different worldly dishes. The thought behind Seduction in the Kitchen was developed when I realized everyone has an affair with food. It seduces you. In fact my bio I have on my site says:
How many times have we cheated with it or over-indulged in it? How about when it betrays you and adds on a few extra pounds? Food can be just like a relationship and seduces you in all these areas. It gives comfort when needed, joins in on celebrations of the heart, and at times, food even gives your mouth pure joy.