Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garlic Onion Dip

Happy Tasty Tuesday friends!!    Hppe you are all enjoying your summer =)  So far it seems like every weekend has something or several something but I'm loving it!   It's a great time to see family and friends.

Because there are so many social outings, I really needed a go to dish to bring to parties and BBQs. 

Then I found  this recipe on Prevention RD.   The onion and garlic just gives it a fresh, flavorful taste (as opposed to the dip from the can).  Caveat: if you go six cloves it is pretty garlicky so you might want to test it in case you want to add more yogurt or mayonnaise to make the flavor milder.  I would go that root because if you didn't add  enough garlic initially it's harder to add flavor.

I didn't really change much at all with this recipe which is why I didn't write out the method.  I did change a couple of things out of necessity; my dip is pictured with freeze-dried chives since my grocery store was out of fresh chives and I couldn't find the white peppercorn either so I just used a dash of black pepper instead.

My Hubbs and I really enjoyed this dip.  For those of you are who may be or may become nervous about using Greek yogurt, it really is a great replacement for sour cream. 

Wishing you a wonderful day...

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