Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar: A Review

Greetings Readers!!  It's another Tasty Tuesday...you know what that means...a new post!

As you may know by now, I love good chocolate.   So I want to introduce you to a place in the city that I just love... Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar in Midtown (I haven't been to the one in West Village).  I always enjoy it...the place has everything...wine, chocolate, martinis, cheese, coldcuts, appetizers....inside seating as well as outdoor seating.  They have special promotions on Sunday nights (couples night out) and Tuesday nights (girls night out), as well as a jazz night on Mondays.  It's a bit pricey, especially for a chocolate martini but the chocolate martini does come with a delicious truffle.

Almond Martini and Truffle anyone?  Be aware that it is a bit strong... truffle was excellent. 

Almond Martini and Truffle
Glass of Red Wine Perhaps?

Malbec from Argentina
      Mint Chocolate Martini?  The truffle's already gone in this shot.

Mint Chocolate Martini Sans Truffle

How about a Kir Royale?

Kir Royale

Or perhaps a choice of 5 cheeses or meat?  We chose Manchego, Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, Brie and Sopressata.   It came with bread but we did have to request some extra.

Our Selection of Cheeses
Man was it good! 

Cheese Crumbs
So now that I've told you about the drinks, cheese, chocolate...let's discuss the interior.   I just love the atmosphere at this place.  It's all very intimate and very chic.

Ayza Interior
Think your spouse or significant other might want appetizers or even beer?  Don't worry - they certainly have other food (try the grilled baby shrimp) and even have three or four beer choices (including Corona and Blue Moon I think).  However, in my humble opinion, the drinks, chocolate/dessert, and cheese are where it's at ...

So that's it for my review of Ayza.  Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday and stay tuned for information about my upcoming guest post(s). 

Ayza Exterior

Farewell friends!

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  1. I still need to try this place! It looks so yummy!