Saturday, June 22, 2013

Max Brenner Desserts in Review and More

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Milk Shot
Greetings all!  So I recently went to Max Brenner for dinner...twice in the same month actually (previously I'd been for a chocolate and I'd also tried their hot chocolate but never ate there).  Both times I went recently I had a salad - first I had the chicken goat cheese waffle salad and the second time I had the Asian Soba Salad (I've heard the turkey club is good, if you take half of it home so you can eat the dessert).  I know the food is good but the dessert is the main attraction.  It's the same at the Cheesecake Factory.  If you go, be sure to save some room for dessert. 

The first time i went with two friends towards the end of a long assignment at work.  While we were working together, we started this practice of going on "field trips" for lunch.  One person would select the restaurant/organize and the three of us would go.  We decided that the culmination of the hard work would be a trip to Max Brenner in Union Square (NYC).  As you may remember, I am quite the chocophile and fortunately for me my friends are fellow foodies.   We all ate light and then shared the dessert pizza.  Because I am such a wonderful wife, I didn't want the hubbs to miss out so we got the four slice pizza and I took home the fourth slice of dessert pizza for him.   And it arrived intact and uneaten. 

he pizza was delicious, everything it had been talked up to be.  We did the works but without the bananas.  Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the momentous occasion.  But maybe we will go back at some point because I don't know how we will be able to top that field trip.

So I went again recently before heading over to see Man of Steel 3D in the Union Square theater (hence the Superman T-shirt in the background of the first picture).  Before doing that, we wanted to grab some food.  One of my companions ate a burger while my the other ate a panini.  All of us were satisfied with our order, but the best was yet to come.

We all ordered separate dessert.  I had previously seen someone order that chocolate cake so I decided to taste it for myself.  It was delicious.  My friends also enjoyed their desserts which are pictured below. 

Marshmallow Fluff
Made with graham crackers and bananas.

Banana Waffles
Enough said.

Confession: I always feel the urge to do a countdown when I take pictures of food.  Like if I were to say 1-2-3 the waffles won't blink.  Fortunately, the beauty of photographing food is that it doesn't need a countdown.  Although it was nice to give my friends the countdown so they would give me a little time to take my photos.

 Also, in case you were wondering, Man of Steel was a Supermovie (Pun intended).  A lot of action for sure. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Questions?  Comments?  I'm only too happy to discuss the Max Brenner scene.

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