Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chocolate World Expo: in Review

Greeting Readers!   I just spent an excellent morning/afternoon at the Chocolate World Expo which was at the Lexington Armory. Now for some photos of what I purchased.

I know what you are probably thinking....did you get lost?  I really don't see that much chocolate and you supposedly went to a chocolate world expo.  You were probably expecting something akin to one of my visits to Francois Payard

No, I didn't get lost.  Unlike the chocolate tour and the chocolate show that I went to with my friends (including Cheryl of Food Judicata), the Chocolate World Expo had many more items that were not relating to chocolate or tangentially so. 

So here is a list of what I bought:

- buzz fudge (Magnolia's fudge - my first purchase - contains jack daniels)
- a lemon cheesecake truffle (which i ate on the spot- not pictured)
- bbq sauce (Rogers Rustic)
- Yona's quiche (from Brooklyn - eaten and therefore not picture)
- Chocolate pops (from Rogue Confections - Mr. Delish already ate his)
-Chocolate truffipops (from Gotta Eat Sweets)
- Truffle Oil (pasta more from JD Gourmet - I am always buying their stuff because it's sooo good!)
-a green spicy chutney (Block Factory)
-roasted red pepper dip
- Belgian-style beer  (Chatham Brewing Co. for Mr. Delish)
- pumpkin apple cider (this is good - just the dose of pumpkin I needed - this beverage was my transition from fall to winter flavors)
- rum cake (from Goodway Gourmet - for my parents for Christmas)
-sweet pickles (Pucker's - the pickles were so good one of my companions bought 5 jars...and break one on the way out)
-a garlic balsamic drizzle (Tortured Orchard, perfect for meat)

Nevermind all the other stuff I sampled: other varieties of buzz fudge, maple cotton candy, apple cider gelato, chocolate balsamic vinegar, chocolate-covered bacon (but not the chocolate bacon-covered oreos since they didn't have samples), chocolate covered potato chips, as well as other tasty items like peppermint bark, chocolate pretzel, various types of chocolate, wines, beers, was a really great event and I had fun.

Also, it was pretty fun that there was a Beatles tribute band , O bla di playing.

They had so many interesting items I could have bought way more  but was concerned about pricing and logistics of bringing them home.

I wanted to decide which one was better this one or the Chocolate Show.  They are just so different.  This event was more chill and less crowded but I did enjoy the chocolate assortment at the chocolate show and the chocolate fashion shows.  This is also convenient as it is close to Christmas...That said, I loved that they had real food and other products to sample besides chocolate.

Can't wait to test out these products with some new recipes!

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  1. Great post! Everything at the Expo was truly unique and/or delicious!