Sunday, November 11, 2012

Francois Payard: A Review

So much has happened in the short time since our last post.  Hurricane Sandy.   The Election.  A Nor'easter (sp?).  Francois Payard.

Hurricane and Aftermath
If you live in the Northeast, I hope you stayed safe in the storm. Mr. Delish and I know many people who lost power (including us) but thankfully safe and mostly not much damage.  Happily the Delish-In-Laws did not lose power or flood like they did last year. 

Due to the storm,  our sample ballots arrived the day of the election after both of us had already voted.  Fortunately, I looked up the sample questions in advance but would have preferred to have the sample ballots in advance.
 Obviously, the President won by a large margin, which I was expecting.

Nor Easter (sp?)
I left work early due to this storm and was glad I did as the weather was abysmal. Today it's beautiful out though.  Go figure. 

Francois Payard
So my friend A and I discovered Francois Payard weeks ago and have been going weekly ever since.  I LOVE this place.  The desserts are fantastic and look at the adorable box they come in (except for the macaroons).

My Ranking for Desserts (not Macaroon)

1) Tie: Chocolate Raspberry Roule/Hazelnut Roule/Flourless Chocolate Cake

- flourless chocolate cake - pictured above, this is a rich flourless chocolate cake with macaroons on it; due to the rich flavor, it is best for sharing.

- chocolate raspberry roule -light, fluffy, chocolatey it's simply delicious. 

- hazelnut roule - very nice cake and very unique since it's hazelnut-flavored.

2) Pear Tart -tasty and fruity, it was exactly what I wanted out of the tart.

3) Chocolate Raspberry Sachet - chocolate mousse, good but not great

(My friend A suggests that the ranking is 1) Choc Raspberry Roule 2) Hazelnut Roule 3) Pear Tart/Flourless Chocolate Cake 4) Chocolate Raspberry Sachet

Ranking for Macaroons

1) Pumpkin - The unequivocal favorite of Me and A, the macaroon has a perfect flavor and consistency. In fact, I blogged this because I wanted to share this macaroon with the world

2) Salted Caramel - this macaroon is tasty but might be a tiny bit too salty.

3) Pistachio - this macaroon is nice but could use a bit more pistachio flavor.  That said, I am updated this entry to report that at my book club, a book clubber referred to this macaroon as the best thing she had ever tasted.

4) Vanilla - good, a standard macaroon. My friend S LOVED it - she said it was better than those she had in Paris.

5) Passion Fruit - this macaroon was good but not great.  I love passion fruit but just thought it didn't taste enough like passion fruit.

Flavors which I have not tried: Raspberry Lychee, Cassis and Chocolate.

The point is that, based upon my experience, when you purchase sweets from this place you either have a good dessert or taste greatness. 

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