Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chocolate Tour NYC: A Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July; I know I sure did - got some sun and saw fireworks on a rooftop.  Another great thing I did recently was I went on a fabulous chocolate tour with a few friends, including fellow blogger Cheryl of Food Judicata.  Pictured above is one of the artistic treats that we saw on our tour...Overall, it was great other than the sweltering heat.

More details and pictures after the jump...

So first of all, I arrived just in the nick of time.  This is because I took down the wrong address and had to rush over to the right one.  Needless to stay, I was a bit trepidatious about the first stop on the tour where we tried hot chocolate.  It was actually quite tasty and inside the building was air-conditioned. 

We also went to Li-Lac where we had a very delicious piece of dark chocolate.  This is also the situs of the chocolate shoe pictured to start this post.  

Thereafter, we had chocolate with sea salt on it at the chocolate bar.  As you can imagine, the chocolate and heat made me thirsty.  So I also had an iced tea while there. 

Thereafter, I had a delicious cupcake at Magnolia and a fabulous cannoli at Pasticceria Bruno, two other chocolate tour establishments.  I was genuinely surpised that I enjoyed the Magnolia cupcake so much since I've had from there twice before and wasn't sold those two times.  It seems that our guide new just what to order. 

I was disappointed that there was a private party at one of the tour places so we had to skip one of the establishments.  That said, I was quite full from all of the other samples so it might have worked out better that way.  I will definitely make sure I check it out though since our guide never steered us wrong.   

Two other notable treats come to mind.  The first was a white chocolate with mango and paprika at a relatively new chocolate place where the walls store the boxes, Xocolatti.  The chocolate was amazing.  As you probably know by now, I love anything mango so this was perfect for me. 

Another was a chocolate tortilla chip (so good!) as well as another tasty sample at a beautiful chocolate shop, Vosges, pictured below.  All of my friends decided decided to buy at this last stop, which had an immense variety. 

In short, I would highly recommend going.  Our guide took us for great samples and also was knowledgeable about the history of chocolate generally and the history of the places we went to.  I hadn't heard of most of the places on the tour so I am really glad I went.


  1. Fun!! If you love choc. and r in NY you should also try out Max Brenner's!

    1. I think I've been there once before and may have had a truffle. Is there something specific you'd recommend there?

    2. One time, me and Helen got take-out chocolate pizza from Max Brenner and it was so good I ate the entire thing that night and had a stomachache :-P

    3. oooh that sounds amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. It was so good! You can't go wrong with chocolate =)

    2. So true! I especially enjoyed Xocolatti and Vosges and the Magnolia cupcake :-)