Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spinach Linguini Aglio e Olio with Cherry Tomatoes

So a while ago I saw a packet of spices called "spaghettata" at a deli.  Basically, those spices included red pepper, parsley, and garlic (if memory serves) and were for making spaghetti aglio e olio (with garlic and oil).  I quickly realized that I could prepare the meal myself.  I love this meal because it's fast to make and something a bit different from other sauces.  I have read that sometimes people also eat something similar as a side dish.

I also really like cherry tomatoes.  I love add fresh flavor to my meals.  I also really wanted to use my spinach pasta  but sometimes I use whole wheat cappelini or spaghetti.  I later threw in a bit of mozzarella cheese (not pictured) though this can also be paired with ricotta cheese.

I served this with a side salad. Mr. Delish was very pleased with this meal.

8 oz. Spinach linguini (I sometimes use
1/4 cup olive oil (i did partly olive oil)
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Crushed red pepper (a few shakes)
Parsley (few shakes)
Parmesan cheese (a few shakes)
10-12 Cherry/grape tomatoes, halved
Mutz or ricotta cheese (optional)

1. Prepare pasta according to package directions, adding a bit of salt to the boiling water.
2. When the pasta is almost ready, pour olive oil into a skillet.
3. Begin cooking the garlic, red pepper, and parsley, making sure to keep an eye on the garlic which has a tendency to burn).
3. Drain the pasta.
4. Pour the olive oil mixture onto the linguini.  
5.Add cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.
6.If using, add ricotta cheese or mozzarella to your dish.
7. Serve and enjoy!!

Yield: 2 entree servings (or 4 side dishes)

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