Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stuffed Basa: Prepared Deliciously!

For avid readers of my blog, you may know that my mom's instructions to prepare my fish "deliciously" are the namesake of my blog.  Last Saturday my mom finally gave me some direction re: preparing white fish deliciously!  Not only that but tonight my mom and I, in different cities and different states, completely unplanned, made the same exact entree at the same time.

What you see above is a stuffed basa that I baked for dinner tonight.  I paired it with a brown rice pilaf and some sauteed zucchini.  It was really good.  You probably see some crumbs in the picture; that's because I ate a good piece of my delicious basa before I thought to post it to the blog....sorry.

And now for my mom's method for making basa...apologies that the ingredients are not more exact; it's not a written recipe but it did come out quite well when I tried it.

Adobo seasoning (sprinkled over basa)
Salt & Pepper (sprinkled over basa)
(lemon pepper - optional)
1 basa filet
1-2 Tbsp breadcrumbs/breadcrumb blend (I used a blend of garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, and peccorino romano cheese which I keep in the refridgerator
Paprika (sprinkled over basa)
1 Tbsp EVOO
lemon wedges (to serve with fish)

1.  Preheat your over to 350 degrees
2. Season your basa filet with Adobo seasoning and salt and pepper and lemon pepper, if using.
3. Place your breadcrumbs/breadcrumb blend in the center of the fish, then roll it up and place it so that the ends are facing down on your baking dish.
4. Sprinkle the top of your fish with paprika (which gives it a nice appearance).
5. Drizzle the basa with EVOO. (sprinkling a bit of bread crumbs on the outside is optional).
6. Place your basa in the oven for about 30-35 minutes, increasing the temperature to 375 for the last 5 minutes (monitor your fish since cooking times will vary based upon the side of your basa).
7. Place on serving dish with the lemon wedges.
8. Enjoy!

*Tip: if your basa filet is too large, you can split it in half and make two of these, just monitor it and cut down on the time.

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